Python Inside Out – Online Training Program For College Students

by | May 22, 2020

Python Inside Out

Python Inside Out – is a “Fast Track”, “Must do”, “well designed”, “100% Practical” online Learning Program for College Students and hobbyists.


Exhaustive training program designed by Pawan Arora having more than 20 years of development and teaching experience

Well Designed Course | Loaded with tons of exercises and assignments | Online Live Interactive Classes starting from 15th June 2020

Syllabus designed to meet the required industry standards and merged with best development practices, keeping in mind college students

Python Inside Out



Python Inside Out

The most complete course – python being explored inside out, leaving you at a mark

that you can take other advanced courses with ease and comfort.

About us

Edukers is located in New Delhi and is happy to offer its expertise in Python.

Our tried and true system is based on over 20 years training and development experience. We pride ourselves on setting up our students for success in their programming endeavours Our training sessions are meticulously planned and are designed in a manner geared to maximize the learning experience. Your time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare you

thus making best use of your time that you will invest in this course.

Your training will be conducted by Pawan Arora – with more than 20 years of

teaching and development experience . Course spans across approximately

more than 40 hours of live and 100% practical training program stretched

across 45 to 60 days (2 months approx). Training sessions will consist of both

activities and lectures that will touch upon areas discussed below.

Training Syllabus

1. All you need to know about Python

a. Introduction to Python

b. Python vs other languages

c. Python 3.0 vs Python 2.0

2. Windows Command Line Interface

3. Programming Paradigms

4. Python Basics

5. Data Types, Variables and Literals

6. Different Types of Operators in Python

7. Implementation – Exercise On Data types and Operators

8. Boolean and Conditional Logics

9. Implementation – Exercise on Boolean and Conditional Logics

10.Looping Constructs – what more python has to offer

11.Implementation – Exercise On Loops

12.Special Data Structures in Python

a. Lists

i. Loops re-visited

ii. 2D Lists

iii. Slicing

iv. Functions related to Lists

v. Implementation – Developing small app to sum up what you have

learned so far

b. Tuples

i. Traversing tuples

ii. Application areas of tuples

c. Dictionaries

i. Different ways to manipulate Dictionaries

ii. Functions related to Dictionaries

iii. Application areas of Dictionaries

iv. Implementation – Developing small app to sum up what you have

learned so far

13.User Defined Functions

14.Debugging and Error Handling in Python

15.Classes and objects


17.File Input/Output

18.Implementation – Developing small app to sum up what you have learned so far

19.Introduction to Python Libraries

20.Introduction to Advanced Concepts in Python

21.Final Implementation – Developing small app to sum up what you have learned

so far

About the Mentor

Pawan Arora - Founder Edukers











Pawan Arora

Founder – Edukers (www.edukers.in)

Teaching, Coding and Sharing is his passion. A true mentor, author, blogger and motivational speaker. He loves to watch his students hone their skills under his guidance.

With more than 20 years of development and teaching experience, having trained thousands of students, authored 7 books and an avid blogger – he has showcased his authority and passion for C/C++, Python, Java, Web Technologies (html5 / CSS/ Javascript/ JQuery,Bootstrap, nodeJS ,PHP etc.).

He is also a Digital Marketing expert and WordPress enthusiast.

Contact Us

Call            :  9810802467

Email         :  pawan.arora@gmail.com

Website     :  http://edukers.in

Instagram  :  @edukers.in


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