Introduction to  “Foundations of Programming”

What Comes First?

Foundations of Programming – There is so much that can be done, in the field of programming. What ever that is happening in any field on the name of advancement has some way or the other some link with programming or coding in some language or the other. Foundations of Programming is a free course to deal with the growing need to make our youngsters programming friendly.

Introduction – What is so special about this course?

“Foundations of Programming” – No programming background is assumed or expected in order to take this course. This course is targeted to ignite the passion for coding as a hobby. It targets just anybody or everybody – who has little or no know knowledge about programming.

Foundations of Programming – Some Important Key points

Heart to heart talk about who all can do this course. Your faculty/mentor tries to connect with you through this video. Must find time to watch these videos as well.

What is Programming?

Programming is all about translating what you do manually into computer understandable format – so that you can that task done by a computer much faster and more efficiently saving both time and money. “Foundations of Programming” – is a free course that will try to introduce you with all the aspects of programming.

Is that all? Is it actually that simple?

What is a Programming Language?

Foundations of Programming – Is programming language same as any other language like English, Hindi or French? Does it has any similarities? How different the computer languages are?

Which programming language is best to start with?

First Program – Say “Hello World” in different languages

Foundations of Programming – Lets try to understand and differentiate between different languages – using a simple program “Hello World”. Understand different paradigms, syntax and other issues related to different programming languages – C/C++, Python, Ruby, Java and many others.

Text Editors, Smart Editors and IDE’s – Know all about them

Foundations of Programming – Where to type your code? What are the different types of Editors are available to type my source code? What all features I should look out for in an editors?

Are there more sophisticated tools available to make my life easy as a programmer?

Compilers, Interpreters and Assemblers

Foundations of Programming – Computer does not understand any other language except binary. When we write a program source code that is not directly understood by the computer and needs to be converted to machine code. Here Compilers, Interpreters and Assemblers play an important role. Know more about these tools and difference between them.


Memory and Storage – Vital for programming

Foundations of Programming – Good Programmers don’t  just end up by completing a task in hand, they do it with perfection which includes making efficient use of resources. One such most important resource is Memory and Storage.

You can make efficient use of resources only when you know about them well. We have merged the efficient thought process that need to evolved while programming at the initial stage itself. These videos talk about basics of Memory and Storage and their  importance in programming,

How does Computer interacts with the outside world?

Inputs and Outputs – Every thing else revolves around these two

Foundations of Programming – Computer’s interaction or any other programmable device’s interaction with the outside world is no more same. Today it has become more realistic  and hence more complicated as well to understand.

Keyboard and mouse are very much there but today we interact with these programmable devices  using gestures, sensors (motion, proximity, finger print etc) to make devices respond not just intelligently but naturally as well. This is just to make the entire experience effortless. These sensors and devices can be programmed. That is what these videos talk about.