Online Classes for CBSE COmputer Science and Informatics Practices, BCa nd BTech level students

Class XI | XII (CS and IP)

Registration for New Batch for Session 2022-23 is Open.

Edukers offers Online Classes for CBSE XI and XII – Computer Science (Formerly known as CS) and Information Practices (formerly known as IP) and required and advanced programs for BCA, BTech level students.

Python | C | C++ | Java | HTML | CSS | Java Script | PHP | MySQL | Data structures and Algorithms | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Data Analytics | Databases | C# | VB.Net | ASP.Net | etc.

Online Classes have opened up a door to all new possibilities, while we can always retain the benefits of offline training mode.

We have been taking online classes since years. Not only that we have also trained so many other subject teachers on how to successfully conduct online classes. During this Covid times, we had successfully conducted 100% online classes for CBSE Class XI and Class XII (CS i.e. Computer science and IP i.e. Informatics Practices ), BCA and B’Tech level students.

We are now seasoned online trainers as we have tested several online platforms to make sure we provide best of services to our students. We use best and paid versions of online teaching platforms (Google meet and Microsoft teams) and fastest internet services and best devices like for example latest computers, microphone and camera etc. just to ensure our students get the best from us.

Due to coronavirus outspread, entire world is locked in their houses. Life throws challenges all the time, if you survive that difficult situation it rewards you by making you stronger than before. Providing best of Online Classes is one such effort from our side.

Why Edukers for Online Classes?

At Edukers we believe in “Rise above and go beyond”. I am a software Engineer and we have been taught that no solution is the perfect solution. That is why the process of evolution never stops. We know learning through Online classes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since we teach subjects related to Computer Science it only has advantages. The blend of both online and classroom training, along with all other best practices available can make learning experience best possible.

“I have been teaching from more than 25 years now, and have received tremendous love and affection from all my students. More than 90% students have scored well above 90%, all these years of my teaching. I have personally ensured that teaching online will only add more value and substance to it. I know how to fully exploit the online platform for the advantage of my students.

I will talk about these advantages and disadvantages in a separate post. We have already started with online classes and existing students are more than happy. I have created some demos out of those classes to share with you, you can watch them following the links provided at the end of this page.

Watch out a Demo

Who all can join?

  • All those who want to upskill themselves in any computer language and/or technologies for example Python, Advanced Python, C,C++, Java Core, Java Advanced, Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScrpt, NodeJs, ReactJS , Bootstrap, PHP/MySQL, technologies), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc
  • Students who want to improve their programming skills to be able to solve and crack interview questions and problems similar to LeetCode, HackerRank and CodeChef etc.
  • Student of CBSE class XI/XII pursuing Computer Science (CS) or Informatics Practices (IP) and want to learn from me as per CBSE syllabus(currently both the syllabus has Python as the main subject with some variations), please feel free to get in touch with us, on the contact details are provided at the end.
  • Students of CBSE class IX and X pursuing Artificial Intelligence (subject code 417)/ Information Technology (subject code 402).
  • All other students from any other board or students who are studying abroad and need help in any one of the above mentioned skills.

We are currently offering online classes for all the above mentioned students:

  1. Computer Science – CLass XI/Class XII entire Syllabus (Python, MySql, etc)
  2. Informatics Practices – CLass XI/Class XII entire Syllabus (Python, MySql etc.)
  3. BCA – All programming languages, Data Structures, Web Technologies and related as per syllabus (IP university and other universities)
  4. B’Tech –¬†All programming languages, Data Structures, Web Technologies, Embedded etc.
  5. Artificial Intelligence – Class IX and X entire syllabus (AI basics and Advance, Python basic and advance)
  6. Information Technologies – Class IX and X entire syllabus. (AI basics and Advance, Python basic and advance)

Contact us

Please feel free to talk to us. We would love to speak to you. Chat with us over a phone or mail us your requirement by clicking – “Want to talk“.

Class XI | XII (CS and IP)

Registration for New Batch for Session 2022-23 is Open.