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CBSE – Informatics Practices Class XII


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Pawan Kumar Arora

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I live far off, and can't take offline classes?

Well taking classes Online is the best option. 100% engaging practical classes – which will help you score good, and gain confidence through skill development.

What is "Join in Pair" Offer?

When you come along in pair, Special discount is offered to both the students. You can talk to us regarding the same for more details.

Can a student understand online and score good?

During covid people had bad experiences with online classes. That was only because subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry etc. are difficult to teach (but not impossible) Since teacher’s of those subjects were not that tech-savvy students had little bad experiences.

But Computer Science or Informatics Practices or any other Coding Classes can be best understood Online under the guidance of a skillful teacher who knows how to take advantage of online platform.

During Covid we even taught teacher’s of other subjects also on how to conduct online classes.

Course will get completed in how much time duration?

It varies little bit. For example in a batch each student has different IQ-level. In case when you are learning in a one-2-one mode online or offline at least other students IQ level will not affect you. But in either case our target is to complete the syllabus in first 6 months.

PCM is more important hence I won't be able to give that much time to the subject. Will I be able to score good still?

Well, Students who are willing they always find out time. From our side we are so confident about our teaching methodologies – 100% skill based and engaging classes that we can assure you that you will have to spend far less time on this subject at home as compared to other subjects. Little efforts will pay you huge rewards, but no efforts from your side will not take you anywhere. Consistent little efforts, attending classes regularly will save you lot of time for other subjects.

What is the advantage of taking coaching in 11th Class itself?

If you start taking classes in 11th itself, it will be a game-changer for you. We can boast about the same from our past experiences and our skill development training model – that leads to improved knowledge base which in tur makes learning from us in class 12th a cake walk for you.

Secondly it is a new subject altogether – maths, english, science you have been learning from childhood. So it is beneficial to give due importance to this subject right away from the very beginning.

Why should I learn from Edukers?

Well There are so many teachers and institutes available. This is not a comparative statement. Other’s might be equally good. But as far as Edukers is concerned:

  1. We believe in Student First Approach.
  2. Student will always feel, there is somebody holding the hand along the journey.
  3. 100% Skill based Practical Classes which has more retention power. What you learn this way, you don’t forget that easily.
  4. We Listen also but expect the same from Students also.
  5. We might give you a tough time during learning, So that when you face the exam all that comes out your mouth should be – “It was damn easy”.