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CBSE Class XI | XII 

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Computer Science 

Not just to learn but if you wish to understand, not just to gain knowledge but if you wish to gain wisdom, not just to touch the clouds of your goal but if you wish to rule them, Edukers is your destination.
~ Manish Satija
Batch:- 2021-22

Manish Satija

Ex Student (CS) Edukers

I feel blessed that my path gets crossed with that of Pawan Sir in my career journey. Under his utmost professional guidance and project based teaching style I am able to hone my coding skills and even got confidence to pursue my masters in the field of computer science. I wish every career-confused student come across him to get himself on the right path. THANK YOU EDUKERS FOR BUILDING ME

Garry Mittal

Ex-Student (CS) Edukers

An Institute worth studying at. I had a very good experience with Pawan Sir.
Best coaching center in west Delhi for  Computer Science(CS)  and Informatics Practices (IP). Would recommend  just anybody to study from Pawan Sir at Edukers Institute.

Ashu Sharma

Ex-Student (CS) Edukers

I feel privileged to be a student at Edukers . Mr. Pawan Arora Sir – one of the best teacher for computer science I have studied from. Scored 96%

Dipankar Sharma

Ex-Student (CS) Edukers

Pawan Arora Sir is an ebullient and enthusiastic person, having an excellent command over the subject.

His way of teaching is not just practical but different in many aspects. Even if you are not from science stream like me, he will never let you lose your passion for computer science and python.
~ Manish Satija
Batch:- 2021-22

Manish Satija

Ex Student (CS) Edukers

One of the best teacher I have met for Computer Science languages such C, C++ and Java, Python, Data Structures etc. I have seen him do a great job with all kinds of students.

Priya Juneja

Ex Student (CS) Edukers

I had a chance to study from Pawan Sir in class 11th and 12th for Computer Science. Usually students take class in 12th but I feel so blessed that I started in class 11th itself because of which this subject became a cake-walk for me. Score 95% marks in boards. Thanks Edukers. Thanks Pawan Sir.

Tisha Gera

Ex Student (CS) Edukers

Informatics Practices 

Just damn good man!…..The way Pawan sir takes the classes, it really feels effortless while learning. Thank you so much for everything Pawan Sir! Would love to be your student forever


Ex- Student (IP), Edukers

Mr. Pawan, One of the best IP teacher in Delhi, he always takes care of their student.. Only due to him my daughter secured in IP 96% marks in the 12th class board examination. I am always thankful to him for giving his 100% support in the subject – IP. (Informatics Practices)

Lalit Gaur

Father of Ex- Student (IP), Edukers


Marks will get you  a Degree, and skills will get you both marks and a Job.

100% Skill Based Learning

C, C++, Java Core, Java Advanced, Python, Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), Computer Architecture, Database Management System, Software Development Life Cycle, Web Technologies – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Frameworks, Dot.Net (C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net), PHP/MySql, Project Guidance and more

Great experience! Edukers is best platform to learn Data Structures and Algorithms. Pawan sir’s teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Best place to learn about the concepts in detail.

Tisha Chopra

Ex-Student (BTech), Edukers


Now.. as Easy as 1..2..3

Want to make sure your are not less than a BTech Student?

Go for 100% skill based training program

C, C++, Java , Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Databases, System Analysis and Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Project Guidance and more

Its always better to learn from people who are extremely passionate about the subject and I find it here…EDUKERS is the Best of Best.

Ashish Ben Moncy

Ex-Student , Edukers

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CBSE Class IX | X – Electives

Information Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Applications

These subjects have been introduced to give you a head start and have an early experience with emerging technologies. These technologies like Office Automations, Artificial Intelligence and related will have great impact on the jobs and opportunities available in the years to come.

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