Edukers Informatics Practices Class XI

Offer (Informatics Practices Class XI) Expires on 15th May 2024

Common Core Elements -included in all Programs for IP Class XI

Student First Approach


100% Skill Based

Periodic Tests

Score Well above 90%


Hand holding till Exams

Brainstorming Sessions


Offline (Uttam Nagar West)
  • All the common Core Elements
  • Well above 90% target
  • Payment in 6 monthly installments (₹ 3750/month)
  • Access to the Recording of the session missed

One 2 One

1000 to 1500/hour/800 to 1200/hour
  • All the common Core Elements
  • Well above 90% target for scoring marks
  • Actual fees depends upon the travelling distance
  • Payment 20 hours advance

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Syllabus strictly as per CBSE Class XI IP - Edukers

CBSE Class XI Informatics Practices (IP)

Class XI - Marks the beginning of most important phase of your life

Right decision at the right time – makes the difference.

This course has been designed carefully, keeping in mind future prospects – it will open up new career paths for you.

Syllabus CBSE Informatics Practices Class XI (2023-24) – Edukers

This course “CBSE Informatics Practices for Class XI” – Will cover in detail Computer Fundamentals, Programming methodology, Introduction to Python, Programming in Python and MySQL It is going to be 100% Skill Based. As a result of our teaching methodologies and more than two decades of teaching experience, we assure our students that they will score well above 90% in their final exams.

Duration for CBSE IP Class XI

It is a One year program (More than 120 hours program). That confirms we will provide a support till the year end exam is not over.

IP Unit 1 – Introduction to Computer System

This Unit will cover the following topics:

Computer System and Organization - Detailed View
  • Basic Organization of a Computer System
  • Evolution of Computing Devices
  • Different Components of a Computer System
  • Input Output Devices
  • Software Concepts and Types of Software
    • Application Software, system software, Open Source software
  • Computer Memory
    • Primary Memory and Secondary Memory
    • Memory related issues – deletion, data recovery etc

IP Unit 2 Introduction to Python

Below are the details of topics covered in  this unit:

Introduction to Python - Detailed View
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
    • Analyzing, Developing, Coding, Testing, Debugging – Algorithms
    • Problem solving and logic building
    • Breaking down tasks
    • Algorithm and Flowcharts
  • Handshake to Python
    • Basics of Python Programming
    • Features of Python
    • Understanding the Python Interface – Interactive and Script modes
    • Python Character sets, tokens
    • Mutability and immutability
    • Different types of Operators
    • Concept of Data Types
    • Variables and Literals
    • Understanding Expressions
    • Data Type Conversions
      • Implicitly and Explicitly
    • Inputs and outputs in Python
    • Debugging Program
    • Problem Solving
  • Understanding Conditional Statements
    • If-else-if construct to perform conditional logics
    • Problem Solving
  • Understanding Iterations or Repetitions
    • Loops – For loop and while loop
    • Nested Loops
    • Problem Solving
    • Handshake to Lists
    • Indexing and List Operations
    • Library functions related to Lists
    • Problem Solving
    • Handshake to Dictionary
    • Difference between Ordered and Unordered data Types
    • Accessing dictionary key value pairs
    • Dictionary Operations
    • Library Functions related to Dictionary
    • Problem Solving

IP Unit 3 – Database Concepts and Structured Query Language

Following topics will be covered in this unit:

Introduction to Databases- Detailed View

Handshake to Databases

  • Introduction to Database
  • Understanding the need of  Database Management System
  • Relational Database Model
    • Understanding the Concept of Domain, Relation, Tuple, attributes
    • Unlock the Concept of Unique Key, Candidate Keys, Primary key , Alternate Keys etc.
Introduction to SQL- Detailed View
  • Understanding SQL
    • Data Definition Language Commands
    • Data Query Language Commands
    • Data Manipulation Language Commands
    • Introduction to MySql
      • Creating Database
      • Creating Tables
      • Understanding:
        • Data Types of MySql
        • Select Command and various clauses.
        • DML commands – update, delete etc.
        • Other DDL commands – Drop, Alter etc

IP Unit 4 – Introduction to Emerging Trends

In this unit you will learn about following topics:

Emerging Trends- Detailed View
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Immersive experience (AR, VR)
  • Robotics
  • Big data and its characteristics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sensors
  • Smart cities
  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Grid Computing
  • Block chain technology.


You will be provided with regular tests and assignments. As a result you will be able to handle assignments and Tests conducted in your school.


Project is putting together what ever you have learned so far. Hence project helps in building that confidence. Officially you are suppose to submit project in class 12, but we align our teaching methodology right from the beginning as skill based, so that you are able to do project on your own.