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100% project driven, practical approach to get you on your own

Logic development is fun. Just take it as another sport – with the same sportsmen spirit. It improves your logical thinking and analysis. Furthermore, boosts up your performance in other subjects as well. Looking help on C++, Python, Web Technologies, Netbeans with Java, MySQL or any other programming language – then you are just at the right place.

Road is wet and you are barefoot


You need help – technical as well as emotional to deal with challenges


You might be confused or feeling left out in the race. Might just find things are getting too difficult for you. Its here you will find us playing an important role in your life. We will play a role of a teacher, a mentor who stays with you in your difficult times.

We will help you


With the right pair of shoes


First of all you need to understand that tools are so very important. You will be introduced to so many new tools during the entire learning process. But then you need good teachers to help you find right ones and how to use them. Therefore its all about doing right things at the right time.


We will help you


With your laces


Skills are extremely important. Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has spoken so many times about his ‘Skill India” vision. At Edukers, we believe the same. Computer Science and Informatics Practices ( CBSE Class XI / Class XII programs ) and higher studies in the same field ( BCA and B’Tech programs ) will empower you with skills that ‘Digital India’ needs.

We will run with you


Python | C/C++ | Web Technologies | Java |  MySQL | Data structures and more


At the beginning, to you these technologies might seem like aliens. You won’t find yourself running after your goals alone. We will give you a company to make sure its turns out to be a rather fruitful and joyful journey. We will make it very easy for you.

We will help you improve and monitor


Assignments and Project Assistance

Regular Assessments | Online and Offline


We will give you a tough time dealing with situations yourself – through practical approach. Smart Classes and Online support will ensure – you are learning and improving your skills, each day. By “doing it yourself” you improve your skills as well as grades.