Front End Development

Front End Development

Front End development involves coding that affects the visual part of the application. UX design or User Experience Design UI design or User Interface design are now most sort after career options. User’s first experience about the application is always about – How it looks like? and How easy to use it is? or to put simple Its user interface should be very simple and user-friendly.

The front-end developer’s job is to implement the required “front end” which is free from any errors and matches the user requirements using tools like HTML, CSS /JavaScript (JS), JQuery, Bootstrap etc.

Similarly, apart from web applications we might design software applications or mobile applications – designing a good front-end is equallu important there as well. In such applications, a front-end web developer creates the graphical user interface (GUI), using tools like Netbeans, VB.DotNet, C#, Android Studio etc.

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