Online Classes – Corona changed all, people got locked in their houses and social distancing became the only solution. Because of all this all the colleges and schools closed down, but didn’t realized at the beginning that it might go that far. Soon all colleges and schools went online to make sure students are not at loss, or at least to make sure it can be minimized as much as possible. The option of Online Classes was just thrown at us with no second option but to embrace it.

How to ensure, Online Class is a success?

Schools and colleges and our entire education system has evolved so much in the last few decades. Online platform is not so new for all of us. its just we have not exploited it so well in the field of education. But now the time has come, and let me tell you even after corona era, training online will make its permanent existence. We can make online class a huge success, provided we understand and acknowledge few things, in the current situation. Edukers provides Online Classes for CBSE Class XI/Class XII Computer Science (CS – Python, MySql), Informatics Practices (IP – Python, Panda, MySql), also for BCA and B’Tech level Students.

1. Everything can be learned and can be adopted.

Learn and adopt, adopt and learn

Give it a chance and your precious time. For sure online classes is going to stay for a while and will become a part of the well established system. Always remember those who join early, benefit more as compared to who join afterwords.Nobody had seen this situation coming our way – had it been, we could have planned better, upgraded students and teachers more about online platform. Either way, it can be learned.

2. Entire System is trying to help you.

Edukers can help you - Online Classes

Online education has been there for quite some time now. But current situation has given this tool in everybody’s hands. If you as a student new to this, you teacher might as well be taking class online for the first time. Teacher’s expertise in the subject might not be questioned, but certainly teaching online might have thrown new challenges for him/her as well.

So be realistic when it comes to your expectations. For example I teach Computer Science, person like me might get adapted to new technologies fast as compared to your English, or any other teacher. Show patience, as you might just experience few hiccups in the first few classes.

Since you will be learning from so many subjects from so many different teachers, you will surely come across one who knows a little more, and you as a student then can share your experiences with other teachers to make online classes a success.

3. Internet – is stressed up too, don’t overreact if connection drops at times

Optimize the use of Internet, turn it off on devices that are not using internet. It will save some bandwidth and is safe too. During this lock-down period, all our activities have shifted to online platform, via internet. Proper rationing of activities will boost the performance of Internet. If internet gets disconnected while online class is going on, just don’t get panic or irritated, because that is going to happen once in a while. Optimize resources, to just make thing better.

4. No distractions, while taking online class

Edukers - Distraction Free Online Classes

There are chances that we are already overwhelmed by the current situation being created by corona, and that is affecting our focus and concentration. Keep it aside for a while. Just think you are not the only one. When taking online class, just turn off other social media websites, or apps that keep sending you notifications. 

5. Participate

Edukers - Student's Participation in Online Classes

Approach it with an open mind, embrace it. Remember, your teacher is trying hard to make sure your also enjoy your class, and its not possible without your support. Ask questions, show interest. keep saying, “Ya”, “Ok Sir/Mam”, as the teacher should also keep asking whether you are understanding or not. The whole idea is, that from both sides gesture should be as if are virtually sitting in the same classroom.

6. Safety First

When taking online class, we share resources. Specially a screen, a camera and a microphone. Most of the apps are safe, accept for few which are available for free. Simple steps can keep you safe and secured online. 

  • Create a separate user on your computer. It will create a new desktop for that user. Don’t have any icons on your desktop, keep it clean. 
  • Close all other windows that reveal any data residing on your computer.
  • Don’t login into any of your accounts, while you are sharing your screen.
  • Don’t make any payment online, while you are sharing your screen. Do it after class, or first stop sharing the screen and then do it.
  • Check your surroundings, to ensure what others can see and hear, when you are using camera and/or audio.

7. Plan Ahead

Make sure you join the virtual classroom on time. If you are doing it for the first time, you should join it early by 15 minutes and take a virtual tour of your classroom. Your teacher can create some guidelines or tutorials, even videos to explain that to students. It might not be possible by all the teachers, so as a student you can walk through yourself.

Online classes to be success, require self discipline and self motivation.  All the safety measures to be taken, discussed in the previous point are also the part of planning, to be done before the class starts. 

Board the bus on time, so that you don’t have to run after the bus all the time.

8. Tools

Edukers - Know your Tools

When you are embracing the technology, then make sure you give your 100%. Use all tools and apps associated with online learning to fully optimize it to your benefit. Put reminders on your phone, that reminds you of your class 15 minutes before the class, that reminds you about your submission dates for assignments a home works. 

Configure your email-ids linked to your online training programs on your mobile device, so that you come to know about new assignments, announcements instantly, because online platforms are automated systems. Don’t expect your teacher running after you all the time. It is an automated system, where system is keeping you informed about all the events, and teacher assumes that you will kept your self informed, by making use of the current technology.

9. Be Aware of tools that you can control

Don’t forget that, tools have been designed keeping in mind students and teachers both. There might be some noise around you, or may be at some point of time your mic is not working. you should know:

  • How to turn off your mic, and turn it on when you want to ask something.
  • How to send private message to a teacher, or in a group when mic is not working.

10. Complete your assignments and submit them on time

Your teacher might also be working hard, giving more number of hours, picking up so many new things for you. When he/she gives an assignment you should always do it with eagerness and complete it and submit it on time. This gives a very good impression of you on a teacher. Remember both teacher and students are the cogs in the wheel of online education, or any education system for that matter.


Online education is all about new technology waiting to be explored, utilized to set new standards in our education system. Online education requires like any other education system – ideal teachers, workaholic students having no excuses but targets to achieve.

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