CBSE has revised to reduced the syllabus for Computer Science students for class XI and XII, keeping in mind the situation being created due to covid19.

CLASS XI – Topics Reduced

Unit I: Computer Systems and Organisation

  • Encoding Schemes : UTF8, UTF32
  • Concept of cloud computing and cloud services (SaaS,IaaS,PaaS), cloud (public/private),
    Blockchain technology

Unit II: Computational Thinking and Programming – 1

  • Decomposition – concept, need for decomposing a problem, examples of problem solving using
  • Sorting algorithm: bubble and insertion sort; count the number of operations while sorting.

Suggested Practical List Input a list of elements, sort in ascending/ descending order using
Bubble/ Insertion sort.

CLASS XII – Topics Reduced

Unit I: Computational Thinking and Programming – 2

  • Recursion – simple algorithms with recursion : print a message forever, sum of first n
    natural numbers, factorial, Fibonacci numbers, recursion on arrays : binary search
  • Idea of efficiency : performance measurement in terms of the number of operations.
  • Data-structures: Lists as covered in Class XI, Stacks – Push, Pop using a list, Queues –
    Insert, Delete using a list. (One of the data structure Stack or Queue. Note : While setting the
    question paper a students will have an option between Stack and Queue.)

Unit II: Computer Networks

  • Web Scripting Client side (VB Script, Java Script, PHP) and Server side (ASP, JSP, PHP),
    Web 2.0 (for social networking)
  • E-commerce payment transactions using online banking, mobile banking, payment apps
    and services.

Unit III: Database Management

  • INSERT, and

1. Suggested Practical List: Python Programming

  • Recursively find the factorial of a natural number
  • Write a recursive code to find the sum of all elements of a list.
  • Write a recursive code to compute the nth Fibonacci number

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