Edukers- Be an Associate

by | May 28, 2020

We are looking for you, as much as you are looking for an opportunity

If you  – are willing to learn and adapt | are honest and smart-working |  believe that learning never stops | understand that Self-growth is as important as acquiring new skills | want to move forward in life by helping others – then we are looking for you.

Who all can Join?

Just anybody who is eager to learn and evolve. If you are looking for internship, part time opportunity, have a skill to showcase and passionate and willing to move forward by helping others.

You will have to find your true interest – It could be some skill(s) that you have mastered, or want to master , or simply want to improve upon. There could be so many areas that you might want to experiment with or adopt – to feel it and find out if that can become your niche. We will help you find that, once you join us.

There could be so many areas – Programming, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Logical Reasoning, Graphic Designing, Databases, Content Developing, Brand Building, etc..

There might be few who want to earn extra income. That is a great idea, to be self dependent. Won’t it be even more great – if you earn something just by learning new skills or simply by helping others.

Few of you might also like rewards – free books, free training programs/discounted courses, achievement badges, certificates, or an opportunity as a reward – to come forward and teach online, develop software, design apps, and lot more and might also get paid.


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10 Steps To Successful Online Classes In 2020

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