First set of some important questions related to Networking and Communications listed below:

Q1. What is the difference between HTTP and FTP?
  • HTTP is a standard communication protocol used on Internet that stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.  
  • FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol used to transfer i.e. upload or download files to and from workstation and FTP server.
Q2. What are Repeaters?

In Networking a communication signal while travelling gets weak after a certain distance. Repeater is an electronic device that can be used to amplify the signal before sending it further. Repeater is required if the distance between source and destination is more than 90 meters.

 Q3. What is a Hub/Switch?

In Networking, Hub or Switch is an electronic device that can be used to connect several computers together. Will be required when ever multiple computers are there to be connected together.

(Just for knowledge, Switch is a better version of a hub, it is more intelligent. Otherwise they both serve the same purpose.)

Q4. Differentiate between 2G and 3G mobile technologies?
  • 2G Mobile Technology introduced data services for mobile. Text messaging became possible.  
  • 3G Mobile Technology is faster that 2G technology and introduced video calling facility.
Q5. Write the full form of Wi-Fi and give its two characteristics?

While it stands for Wireless Fidelity in the field of Networking, its two characteristics are:

  1. It helps you connect to the Internet with the help of wireless technology.
  2. It works both indoors as well as outdoors.
Q6. Which of the following crime is/are under the cyber crime domain?
  1. Stealing data from someone’s computer without his/her consent.
  2. Hacking someone’s Facebook account and posting illicit messages on his or her behalf.
  3. Stealing someone’s hard disk from the computer.

Answer: 2

Q7. Which one of the following is most appropriate if you want to have a audio visual chat with someone far away?
  1. E-mail 
  2. VoIP
  3. FTM

Answer: 2

Q8. What do you mean by Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that gets stored on the client’s machine. Cookies are designed to store some piece of information specific to client and website. 

Just for knowledge – It was designed to give client a better user experience by making website load faster for example, but can be used to store some sensitive information which can be used by the hacker for wrong purpose.

Q9. What is Firewall? Is it hardware or software?

In the field of Networking and Communication Technologies, Firewall is a security system comprised of software/hardware or both. It prevents unauthorized access to a private network – thus ensuring no data enters or leaves a system without consent.  

Q10. What is the difference between domain name and IP address?
  • IP address is used to identify a computer or a device on a computer network. For ex.
  • Since IP addresses are difficult to remember, domain name on the other hand can be used to represent or identify some IP address. For example when used will map on to some IP address.

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