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Do It Yourself – Take this course to develop the CS Project “Vocabulary Builder” using C++ TurboC compiler. This “Computer Science Project” Course is designed specifically to make “CBSE Computer Science Project development” an easy task.

It is designed for CBSE Class XII Students and Hobbyist who want to take new challenges and develop new programming skills, on their own. The entire course will help you learn and develop this project step by step.

The Project is designed to maximize the learning experience by including all they key principles and topics learned by the student as part of the syllabus. This project covers:

  • – Developing the idea of a Project
  • – Step by Step approach to help student do the entire project on their own.
  • – Data Structures – Arrays, Pointers and Primitive Data types
  • – Data File Handling
  • – How to implement Project Specific Tasks –  like putting things together (integration),
  • – Menu Systems and related Stuff
  • – How to make Project presentable and many such skills.
  • – Preparing students for Viva Voice
  • – Students can ask questions, that will also be answered timely.